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Our approach is pretty simple. You find a problem, we find a solution. The ability to effectively function in fast-paced, technologically-advanced environments can, undoubtedly, be both intimidating and overwhelming. At 7th Layer Tech, we understand. We are committed to being a professional resource by creating a reliable, worry-free partnership guaranteed to minimize all of your present and future Tech-related concerns.

7th Layer Tech is a US based company with several global alliances and partnerships. This economic leverage equips us in helping to support your company’s needs anytime, from anywhere.

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Our list of services and expertise
  • Robust Network Infrastructures

  • Hybrid Data Centers

  • Efficient Backup and DR

  • Business Application Support

  • Remote Office Configuration

  • ​Office 365 and Google Apps

  • Multi-Office Networks

  • IT Operations

  • IT Project Management

  • ​Training

  • Security Cameras and Badge Access


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