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About Us _


7th Layer Technology was part of a merger between two already proven and successful technology organizations (CPUStudio LLC and SmartHomes 4 U). As the two companies merged, a unique blend of services and solutions were perfected in order to better serve you - the customer.

With the blended knowledge and years of expertise, our capability and abilities have grown exponentially. We are now able to take care of your needs ranging from simple software installs, to massive Data Center solutions, to integrated security systems.

How can we help you?

A little more about us _

SmartHomes 4 U has 20+ years of solid industry experience in low voltage, security systems, and networking hardware. Whether is setting up a home security system or implementing a enterprise security solution or partnering with major players in new fiber initiatives across the country, SmartHomes has the expertise to get the job done!

CPUStudio LLC also has a 20+ solid industry record. Specialties range from end user support to cloud migrations with all the knowledge and experience in between. Including but not limited to Windows Server, Exchange, SharePoint, KnowledgeLake Capture Server, System Center, and much more.

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