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About Us _


7th Layer Technology emerged from the union of two established and successful tech entities: CPUStudio LLC and SmartHomes 4 U. This merger gave rise to a dynamic fusion of services and solutions, all geared towards enhancing your experience as our valued customer.

Harnessing the combined expertise and years of industry know-how, our capabilities have soared to new heights. Today, we're equipped to cater to a wide spectrum of your needs, spanning from streamlined software installations to robust Data Center solutions, and even seamlessly integrated security systems.

So, what can we do for you?

A little more about us _

SmartHomes 4 U boasts over two decades of unwavering industry experience in low voltage systems, security solutions, and networking hardware. Whether it's crafting residential security setups, implementing cutting-edge enterprise security solutions, or collaborating with industry leaders in nationwide fiber initiatives, SmartHomes possesses the proven expertise to accomplish the task with excellence.

On the other hand, CPUStudio LLC also boasts a solid 20+ years of industry excellence. Our areas of specialization span a wide spectrum, from providing comprehensive end-user support to executing seamless cloud migrations, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in between. Our proficiency extends to managing diverse technologies such as Windows Server, Exchange, SharePoint, KnowledgeLake Capture Server, System Center, and much more.

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