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Get ready for your Cybersecurity Starter Pack!

Updated: May 1

Our Cybersecurity Starter Pack isn't just a service – it's your first line of defense in the digital world. Picture having a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts at your beck and call, ensuring every aspect of your digital infrastructure is fortified against evolving threats.

From updating software and patching vulnerabilities to implementing robust security protocols, we leave no stone unturned in safeguarding your business. But it's not just about compliance – we proactively identify and mitigate potential risks, keeping your data, networks, and operations secure around the clock.

Take this brief 4 question quiz to see if your business is Cyber-Secure!

Now, let's dive into our four-week engagement:

  • Week 1: Endpoint Security. Ensure all company-owned computers and servers are updated with critical patches. Deploy Endpoint Centralized Management for enhanced security.

  • Week 2: Email and Collaboration Security. Optimize security features within your email and collaboration platforms. Prevent phishing attacks and safeguard against malware infiltration.

  • Week 3: SaaS Best Practices. Implement Single Sign-On (SSO) and enforce least privileged access for cloud-based applications. Conduct an identity and access management assessment to streamline security.

  • Week 4: Network Security. Enhance network security with additional segmentation and external penetration testing. Implement measures to lockdown your network and minimize unauthorized access.

In essence, our Cybersecurity Starter Pack is your comprehensive solution for fortifying your digital assets and protecting your business from cyber threats. It's the peace of mind you need in today's interconnected and volatile digital landscape.

Take our Free Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment to see if your business needs our 4-week engagement.

breaches cost small businesses an average of $40k

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